YM 1

A renovation to two masonry buildings flanking an empty lot to create a two program Montessori childcare with a secure playground. Undertaken on a modest budget, the project made the most of the existing buildings, strategically re-tooling the nondescript buildings  with new windows, doors and interior finishes to fundamentally restructure the former restaurant and office to support the new program.

Owner: Yaletown Montessori School
Year: 2009-2010
Architecture: Mark Ashby Architecture
Landscape Design: DXD

YM 2

YM 3

Big-Box/Little-Box addresses the prevailing trend in
North America toward low-density commercial
and industrial development.
Ubiquitous across the continent, the suburban
offi ce park and “Big-Box” Retail Outlet have mirrored
urban revitalization efforts with a startling
inversion – the exodus of commerce, industry
and retail to the fringes of urban centres. Characterized
by banal warehouse-style Superstores
in vast fi elds of asphalt, the “Big-Box” landscape is
often built over productive farmland and greenspace
on the urban periphery.
Ironically, many of the accessories that defi ne the
Contemporary Urban Lifestyle are found in this
asphalt hinterland. People living in the urban centre
are, therefore, scattered great distances for
consumer electronics and for Sensible, Swedish
Furniture – in many cases for employment, as
Capitalizing on the under-utilized parking-lot of
the “Big-Box,” a superstructure of Little-Boxes
create a suspended landscape in which culture
and community may be planted anew.
Little-Boxes are based on the universal module
of a North American parking stall. Transferable,
adaptable and expandable, they are intended as
a starting point for regeneration of the suburban