interior view

A chanting garden.

Proposal for the Jardin de Metis Garden Festival, 2009.
Architecture: Mark Ashby Architecture
Landscape Architecture: DXD
Interaction Design: Overmind Productions

The wishing well of the vernacular garden becomes a vessel to explore the relationship between the individual and the natural world.

Over-toned with desire, the pervasive image of paradise evokes escape as much as arrival. In contrast to the state of paradise, which suggests a spiritual reconciliation of the individual with their environment; the place evoked by image is decidedly materialistic – something to be obtained rather than attained.


A garden of wishing wells is constructed on the forest fringe, integrating elements of global industry: walls of stacked shipping pallets, oil-drum wishing-wells and a carpet of pennies. As visitors move through the garden the oil-drums resonate low-frequency sound in response to their movement. Based on the Schumann Resonance, electromagnetic harmonics of the Earth, the ethereal sound is a visceral experience that metaphorically links the local experience of the garden to a global environmental phenomenon.


plan perspective

section elevation