3987030152_0f099dc9fe_o Source: R. Signenthaler

A digital light-based installation was commissioned for the opening of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Four 10′ x 8′ screens displaying five-minute DV loops were installed in first-floor meeting-rooms facing the main lobby. The installation was designed to create an ambient animation of the lobby, populated with life-size silhouettes inside the meeting room doorways.

In addition, three large format HD DV loops were provided for integration into a multi-media display for the opening ceremony on the trade-show floor. These clips were integrated with live-feed and prerecorded content on opening night.

The project received great feedback from guests, VCC management and the public as it was installed throughout the opening weekend while several thousand people visited the Centre.

Client: BC Events Management
Year: 2009
Producer: Mark Ashby
Creative Director: Alex Grunenfelder
Director/Cinematographer: Hans Christian Berger
Post Production: Richard Pearce
Silhouette acting and technical assistance: Varouj Gumuchian, Ting Pan, Susie Nouche, Michelle Tousignant, Patrick Armstrong, Amanda Bell, Maia Love, Chris Akehurst, Magali Bailey, Tom Wynn and Monika Hildebrand. Musicians: Russell Sholberg (Bass), Cole Schmidt (Guitar), Jamie Carter (Drums).
Source: R. Pearce
Source: M. Love