Agricultural practice has, since antiquity, been bound by the phenomenology of place. Careful observation of seasonal change combined with studious attention to celestial movement has governed the rituals of each agricultural season. The coastal ecology of the Fraser River delta is similarly bound to the seasonal flow of the river and the cyclic wash of the tides.

Where the islands of Richmond are described by the flow of the Fraser River, Terra Nova Rural Park is surrounded by tidal waters that inundate the surrounding salt-water marshes daily, nourishing the coastal ecology and creating a uniquely dynamic habitat.

Governed by the alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon, tidal fluctuations can be precisely

anticipated. The Perigeal Raft is a device that maps the diurnal cycles of tide, moon and movement over the course of one lunar cycle. Inscribed with these phenomena, the Raft binds the traditional clock of agricultural practice to the phenomena that shape the coastal ecology.

Client: City of Richmond

Year: 2011