Stretch Yoga is a commercial tenant improvement with a change of major occupancy to a 5000 SF suite in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. The client’s unique business model required a highly flexible multi-use space including a 1000 SF hot yoga studio, spaces for an artist in residence and researcher in residence, flexible office space, men’s and women’s change-rooms, a communal gathering area, retail, as well as the ability to function as a pop-up gallery space.

In addition to the extraordinary flexibility of the space, the clients demanded that the design convey a strong and unique sense of identity and brand through the architecture of the space.


Mark Ashby Architecture was delighted to collaborate with Magali Bailey Design to guide the permitting and construction for the project. Stretch demonstrates imagination and resorcefulness with an integrated design and construction approach that enabled a highly coherent design on a constrained budget. The results speak for themselves.



Client: Stretch Yoga, 180 Pender Street

Coordinating Registered Professional: Mark Ashby Architecture

Design: Magali Bailey Design

Building Code Consultant: Gage Babcock

Construction: Jonas Dodd & Stuart Sproule

Photographs: Stuart Sproule