snow migration upview day

Snow/Migration consists of 5 sculptural lamp standards with broad folded metal “snow flake” reflectors. Lamps, illuminated with high-power, white LEDs, will be programmed to provide an ambient light show. In addition, local sound sensors will over-ride the ambient program with an interactive program allowing the artwork to respond to loud sounds, the cadence of a voice or to be “played” like a musical instrument.

overlook view 15 06 04

Part lamp reflector, part canopy and part sculpture, the snow flakes draw on the formal imagery of a children’s pin-wheels, flowers, origami birds, ficus leaves or the rose of a compass, leaving room for viewer’s imagination and interpretation.

Snow/Migration is inspired by the migratory passage of snow geese, an annual feature of the Richmond tidal marsh landscape. It is also an homage to Michael Snow’s “Flightstop”, an iconic work of art created in 1979 for Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

corner entry view 2 15 06 04

We are fundamentally a nation of migrants. The annual migration of birds reminds us of our own origins, our journey, the dreams that propelled it and our connection to far-flung places around the globe.

Client: Richmond North Shopping Centre
Public Art Consultant: Ballard Fine Art
Interactive lighting design: Eos Lightmedia
Structural Consultant: Latera Engineering
Fabricator: Unlimited Fabrication
 Year: 2016