View a video on the making of this project HERE created by Blonde Ambition 

Community is a mutable idea. Spanning the spectrum from the visceral connection of blood-lines to the tenuous filaments of social media, community in the contemporary context is a layered and dynamic landscape of connection. Fundamentally, our ability to form community is found in our ability to see ourselves reflected in the people that surround us. The projection of self upon other is an act of imagination. Vision, and imagination, is the glue of that allows us to stick together as a community.

The commission is a kinetic sculpture in bas relief consisting of approximately 1000 mirror fragments. Hinges bridged by thermal bimetal coils induce subtle movement to occur as the ambient air temperature changes in response to the occupant load in the lobby. Although imperceptible at the plane of glass, movement will cause the mirrors to slowly shift their alignment as the room temperature changes resulting in fracture and co-mingling of the reflections of visitors viewing the piece.


The composition is deliberately open-ended, invoking patterns found in the marine and terrestrial context of the Harbour City such as schools of fish, ripples, fish scales and coniferous forests. It invites viewers to “see themselves” as part of the natural communities of our forests and oceans.


Commissioned for the Service and Resource Centre lobby by the City of Nanaimo, BC.
Approximately 12′ x 5′
Acrylic mirror, steel, aluminum, thermal bimetal.
Thanks to: Ting Pan, Dylan Justice, Cecile Van Woensel, Lonny Frederickson, Robertson Plastics, Crest Manufacturing Inc., Industrial Paint and Plastics, Unlimited Fabrication, SignFast Nanaimo