Following the trend in many North American cities, Nanaimo has embraced seasonal “Parklets” as a mechanism to experiment with alternate uses for public space. In keeping with the precedent established
in other cities, Nanaimo’s Parklet pilot-project will selectively reallocate on-street parking spaces for public use.


The RGB Garden is a literal and metaphoric play on the tension between our immersion in the screens of ubiquitous digital media and “real-world” engagement, artifice and nature. The project draws on precedents from landscape art to vernacular forms. Contained in alternating screens of feather grass and vividly painted cedar slat walls, the garden creates a seasonal park in the space of two on-street parking spaces.

The enclosure of vibrant cedar slat and feather grass screens define and announce the parklet and provide a visually dynamic experience for drivers and pedestrians. A floor of blue artificial turf creates a playful precinct, inviting visitors to linger linger and explore. A canopy of umbrellas and trees potted in vividly painted sono-tubes provides shade and a creates an “outdoor room” while fixed and movable furniture provide the rudimentary infrastructure for a variety of uses.




A Nanaimo Design Nerds project commissioned by the Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Area and supported by the City of Nanaimo and local business community.

The RGB Garden was installed on June 4th , 2015 and will be open to the public throughout the summer.

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The RGB Garden touches down on Commercial Street in the early hours of June 4th, 2015.