Source: Doug Snower Photography
Client: Exploris Children’s Museum, Raleigh NC
Year: 1999
Architect: EHDD Architecture
Principal in Charge: Marc L’Italien, AIA
Project Architect: Mark Ashby
Collaborating Architect: Clearscapes Architecture + Art
Budget: $150,000USD

Steering away from the creation of a themed giftshop, the project team designed a flexible, comfortable environment while maintaining a strong connection to Exploris’ educational mission. The adaptable space can accommodate an evolving program while maintaining a distict architectural vocabulary.

A wall-size rolling door separates the giftstore from the museum. Reminiscent of a Chinese moon gate, the door, composed of glass marbles captured in perforated metal screens, provides a tactile experience and a visual element in dialog with the museum atrium.

exploristore2secton1sliding door

overallSource: Doug Snower Photography


Source: Doug Snower Photography

marble door kids