Construct is a site-specific installation utilizing multiple video sequences back-projected onto windows overlooking Yaletown. Utilizing a spare, cinematographic narrative structure, the piece investigates the mutually formative relationship between social interactions and the structures in which they are enacted.

Construct 1

The project was developed by invitation for Illuminate Yaletown festival of light, 2009. Undertaken with the assistance of United Front Games and in partnership with BCIT Film School Students, Construct presents a unique opportunity to respond to the social indicators of Vancouverism as epitomized by Yaletown.

Construct 3

Three scenes of ‘Yaletown’ life are presented on the windows overlooking Hamilton Street. As if in three Yaletown apartments three 30 minute vignettes tell three related stories. A rowdy party of young urbanites dominates the scene, while neighbours in adjacent apartments conduct their lives. A young couple are drawn into a domestic dispute over a televised hockey game and a single person quietly and meticulously undresses alone after a long day. Juxtaposed above these images of archetypical social situations a film loop shows construction cranes standing over the characters like puppeteers.


Light-based installation developed for Illuminate Yaletown, 2009
Concept design by: Mark Ashby, Hans Berger, Alex Grunenfelder
Directors: Hans Christian Berger, Mark Ashby
Film Editor: Richard Pearce
Actors: Maia Love, Amanda Bell, Saul Brown, Tom-Pierre Frappe-Seneclauze, Hannah Teicher, Codrin Talaba, Wahid Nabi, Chris Akehurst, Michael Chien-Hjien Liao
With the assisance of: BCIT Film School, United Front Games, EOS Light Media, Recollective Consulting, Urban Visuals and Yaletown BIA.