panorama chamberlain street
Intensification is the process by which urban neighbourhoods add density through infill development. Laneway houses, suite conversions and subdivision are examples by which single family properties grow to meet the changing needs of a maturing city while maintaining their character and charm. How about all in one?

1068 Chamberlain subdivision 16 01 29 - Rendering - CUTAWAY BIRDS EYE SOUTH EAST UPPER FLOORS 16 02 06

A small home on a generously sized lot in Victoria’s Gonzales neighbourhood will undergo a makeover to intensify the property and meet the unique needs of a young family while providing both a basement suite and second, detached home.


Meeting the goals for intensification without adding to a city’s energy footprint requires extremely energy efficient design. Both the renovated existing home and the new home will be designed to a Passive House standard with the goal of iPHA certification for both homes. Heating the three residences will consume less than half the energy needed for the original home.

House Panorama 16 02 07

Private client
Landscape: Kate Stefiuk Design
Structural & Building Envelope: RDH
Construction: Bernhardt Construction